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Origen Architecture is informed by the origin of all things and referencing/reverencing 'beginnings'. Nature provides the basis for solutions to all design, energy, light /colour, materials, water, and engineering decisions, as we learn to recognise sustainable natural systems.

Each project is regionally responsive to its sense of place; bio-climatically responsive to climate and geography, interacting inside and outside of the building envelope including transitional spaces, to the changing seasons and time of day.

Bio-mimicry provides the guidelines to dynamic and original solutions to design challenges utilizing new and evolving materials, both technologically recent developments and re-energised ancient practice, e.g. nano scaled structured colour dyes, that mimic butterfly wings, nautilus spiral flow pumps, termite mound self sufficient cities, rough surface additives for self cleaning.

Our buildings are passively responsive to climate temperature extremes and require minimum heating and cooling. Our transportable buildings are cyclone rated for all extremes of weather events.

As we look to natural systems for inspiration and sustainable solutions we believe that our architecture will become transformative; connecting nature and people, in our cities, towns and homes.

Best practice sustainable design

Our trademark design process to create a living building evolves from the interaction of the accepted 'elements' of sustainability, (water, energy, light /colour, materials), into a matrix of sustainable 'actions' of mutual influence where each 'element' informs the other(s). See Self sufficient city in the 21st century.

Intentional light and colour

The quantitative and qualitative aspects of colour design.

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