ILBOA Housing

ILBOA is an alliance of three Townsville based companies:

The main feature of ILBOA housing is the use of super light weight Industrial Light Beam (ILB), a patented technique using half the weight of steel for structural equivalence.

The design uses a rigid frame to handle transport containerisation and the rigour of road transport. The side of one module folds down to become the joining floor and the side of the other module folds up to become the joining roof. A further saving of transported weight and space!

The modules are manufactured under strict quality assurance regimes in both the Tropical Fabrications and Don Rolfe Homes factories in Townsville. The modules are transported by normal road transport to sites across Northern Australia. The modules are fitted with container knuckles and dimensioned for international shipping logistics.

ILBOA uses Bluescope building products for rigid steel frame and recommends Bondor prefinished walling and roofing and G. James Glass windows and doors and prefinished Boral Timber flooring.

We invite you to explore our ILBOA product range.

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